Saturday, March 1, 2008


The yard sale was a success. Thanks to all.
- Rico

People that came. (That's what she said)

Thanks to everybody who visited our yard sale. It turned out pretty well. We will have a concluding video up in the next few hours. By the way, I think I'm gonna keep doing this blog thing. I'm gonna make a new website though. I'll shoot everyone the details later. I hope this kept everybody entertained and I encourage everyone to join me in my entrance in to "blogness."

- Cody

Rico's Log

It is 8:51 AM, and we have been bombarded like gang busters! We are selling stuff like hot cakes. That lady above was our first costumer. She was... Cool...ish. She was actuall trying to convert us to Jehovah's Witness... But as far as we're concerned, the only Hova we believe in is the one and only Young Hova. The H-to-the-Izzo himself! That is all for now.

Seacrust, out!

The Beginning

I'm not gonna lie, things are really slow right now. We haven't had a first customer yet, but when we do we will let you know. We HAVE had a few drive-by's. I was about to get crunk, as you can see. Comment please. thanks

- Cody

Yard Sale '08

Live photo updates coming soon.